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Southern Star is continually proving to offer award winning tuition for students aged 2 years and above.


We are very excited to be able to offer parents discounted rates when students choose three classes or more, as we feel each style of dance offers unique qualities.


Please scroll down for more information about the dance styles that we proudly offer at Southern Star Academy of Dance.

Ballet classes in Dalby
Ballet Classes - Dalby


Is a comprehensive and beautiful syllabus, designed to build strength and artistry. Soft arm movements combined with strength and fluidity helps form the traditional classical ballet style of dance.


We offer classes from twinkle toes (2-4 Years) to Advanced Ballet.

Tap classes in Dalby


Tap is technically based form of dance, which is both modern and innovative.


Allowing students to create basic to intricate musical melodies with their feet is often one of the student’s favourite styles of dance.


Tapping promotes musicality and rhythm, which is offered from the age of 6.

Jazz classes in Dalby


Jazz is a continually changing and evolving genre encompassing many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Funk and Lyrical to name a few.


The up-tempo and modern music combined with the stylish and technical movements entertains the dancer and audience members!


Southern Star prides it’s self on its high standard of Jazz

training ranging from 5 Years to Advanced.

Jazz classes in Dalby


Encourages individuality, style and flexibility.


Contemporary mixes ballet technique and strength with jazz dynamics to create beautiful pictures on the stage.


Contemporary is offered to the older students starting at age 12, as it often takes a higher level of technique to embody the style.

Contemporary dance classes in Dalby

Hip Hop

Hip Hop builds strength, energy and is full of fun and dynamic movements. Hip hop is often seen on television in the latest film clips which is where students often become engaged by it.


Southern Star uses the Australian Teachers of Dance syllabus which is highly age appropriate. Allowing students to embody the style tastefully from the age 8.

Hip Hop dance classes in Dalby


Acrobatics classes in Dalby

Acrobatics is a wonderful style where gymnastics meets dancing.


This style appeals to those students who would still like to learn different tumbling tricks, but also combine the strength, flexibility and fluidity of dance.


We use the 'Acrobatic Arts' syllabus. Which is a well constructed program that safely guides our students from beginner levels to advanced. 

Acrobatics classes in Dalby
Musical theatre classes in Dalby

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a wonderful way for our students to participate in the three most important parts of theatre; Dance, Vocal & Drama.


We follow the ATOD syllabus which is wonderfully entertaining and progressive.


Nurturing our students from a beginner level, open to students 7 years - 13 years. 

Musical theatre classes in Dalby

Dance Eisteddfod

(Dance Style)

Dance eisteddfods are a rewarding and exciting experience. At Southern Star we are happy to be able to offer this opportunity to the devoted dancer.


It is important to note that being a part of the eisteddfod team is optional and reserved for the committed student and family only. Whilst the ability to be a part of the team is open to all of our students, this is an extra commitment and does involve extra training, travel and expense.


If you are interested in this experience please contact Mrs Danielle Small for more information and requirements. 

Hip Hop dance classes in Dalby